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About Us

The Range is set in the historic Glencairn Quarry which has long since reverted back to nature, presenting beautiful, sheer cliff faces of over 200 meters in height, looking out to a seascape which encompasses the entire False Bay which is arguably the most idyllic and picturesque setting and largest back-stop any shooting range could hope for!

Our History

The Quarry was opened in 1898 (possibly earlier) adjacent to Main Road and the railway line. The quarried stone was loaded onto a barge and transported across the bay to Simon’s Town harbour. The quarry was operated by the Divisional Council and possibly closed during the First World War, between 1914 and 1918.

Thereafter Strong and Moore re-equipped the workings and were still operating the quarry when it was finally closed in May 1978 due to environmental concerns and appreciation of the tourist potential of the area. Much of the rock that was taken from the Quarry was used in the building of the Naval Dockyard in Simon’s Town.

The Club leases the Quarry from Cape Town City Council.

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