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Firearm Training

Sport Shooting

The Club facilitates training for sports shooters from basic level to “Springbok” level in various sport shooting disciplines (MPDS, IPSC, NPA, Clay Target, Bench rest, etc.). We have enough people in the club who can take over from basic training of novice shooters and move them up to the next level and then onto Specialised coaches at higher levels.



The club facilitates training in shooting for hunting.

Firearm Proficiency/Competency

The club also facilitates all relevant training for re-licensing and training for new licenses.

For club members, the club will assist where possible with license renewals, motivational letters and membership status letters.

The Club has two Professional and correctly registered training institutions that operate from the Club and can legally and efficiently offer recognized training.
1. Back To Basics – email Mervin ( or phone 083 360 6600
2. False Bay Firearm Training Academy – email Keith ( or phone 082 774 0063


Self Defense/Protection

The club facilitates advanced training in Tactical related situations, using edge weapons, handguns, shotguns and rifles.